About The founder

Hi, my name is Dan Pantelo...

First off, I am not a professor. I'm a communications scholar/enthusiasts with a passion for understanding the most interesting academic works in the field and applying them to real-world situations, where we can actualize real-world value.

Growing this little blog to 25k unique monthly visitors was a fun side-project of mine that came from a pretty simple beginning.

I'm a native New Yorker and a graduate of Binghamton University - a school that has no communications-related major. After 4 internships in the communications field, it became clear to me that communications and marketing are the fields of study that interest me the most. In my pursuit of understanding and answering the most profound questions facing the industry today, I petitioned the university to create my own major that focuses particularly on how communications is used in the relationship between financial entities and the public. After creating a narrowly-tailored curriculum that combined classes from the Departments of English Rhetoric, Economics, and Sociology, I was approved to be Binghamton University's first ever major in Financial Public Relations.

Although I'm primarily interested in how communications serves as the intermediary in the relationship between financial bodies and society, I'm also curious about a range of exciting emerging fields under the communications umbrella, including Neuromarketing, SEO/SEM, Media Theory, Subliminal Stimuli Research, Behavioral Economics, and Branding/Consumer Tribalism. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions, corrections, or requests for me to review any relevant content at publicrelationsprofessor@gmail.com.