The PR Professor Manifesto

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The Communications Industry Has a Problem.

People who work in the communications industry don't collaborate with academics in their field. Most of them think that the practical applications of new academic works aren't clear enough. As a result, their strategies aren't informed by the latest academic works and research.

The PR Professor Solution?

Make it as easy as possible for communications professionals to understand the newest and biggest academic ideas by breaking it down into easily digestible and palatable short-form content. Every vertical within the communications industry (including Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising, Branding, Design, and Digital Comms) stands to benefit immensely from this content by allowing it to inform their strategy.

Historically, communicators have been practicing a craft that shapes the way we see the world. Each year, these communicators come closer to being able to understand how their craft works on the physical, social, and psychological level. The business of controlling perception is tremendously complex - it appears both as an art and a science.

Unfortunately, it appears that there is a deep and tangible rift between the professionals who practice communications at all executive levels and the academics who critically analyze communications. Academics at the forefront of communications and media publish work that is largely ignored by industry executives, resulting in a professional community that's dissociated from their academic counterparts. We believe that executives who inform their strategies and decisions with the ideas and perspectives held by academics are much more likely to lead the communications industry in a positive direction.

Fortunately, communications as we know it is in the midst of an unprecedented industry transformation due to new technology, communications channels, and the dispersal of public trust. Small agencies are dying out and big agencies are consolidating because communications can no longer be practiced as it always has been. Some see this as the death of PR, but we see it as a rebirth that opens a realm of incredible possibilities for brands, agencies, and consumers alike. The big guys no longer makes the rules. There is no more comfort zone in traditional thinking. 

Looking forward, in 5 years from now the communications industry will look absolutely nothing like it looked like 5 years ago. For entrepreneurs, students, agencies, consultants, thought-leaders, and consumers alike - embracing these changes is a sink or swim predicament. In these challenging and exciting times, there is no better source of insight, stability, guidance, and competitive edge than understanding the ideas of the academics who dedicate their careers to analyzing these changes.

Every post will analyze a major idea by an academic in the communications field and consolidate the major idea into a short-form post so that people can understand it as easily as possible.